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Joy Bochner is a Yale College-educated nutrition writer and educator with a lifelong interest in food, cooking and public policy. Ms. Bochner has double masters degrees in nutrition and public policy, and loves to share her knowledge to help people live healthier lives.

Eating More Fruits and Vegetables

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My first and personal favorite, Eat More Fruit and Vegetables. For me, this is an easy rule to follow.  I love nothing more than a sweet cup of deep red, juicy cherries for a late afternoon pick-me up; a nourishing bowl of red, yellow orange and green minestrone at the end of a cold winter’s day; or a rainbow colored salad of crisp greens, deep roasted vegetables, and crunchy nuts or seeds at lunch.  I love the rainbow hues of fruits and vegetables, the way they brighten my plate and leave me feeling hydrated and energized.